Do you have a mobile phone, iPad or iPod that needs repairs? Fonehub can repair it for you!

Fonehub understand the technology of mobile phones, iPads and iPods. From the oldest to the newest models we have completed quality repairs on all hardware devices.

We only use genuine parts supplied by the manufacturer when repairing any device. This ensures our quality of work with trusted components.

When you bring in a phone for repairs the Fonehub Terms and Conditions will apply and a signed acknowledgement and receipt will be provided to you. We ask you Please read and take note and we list the detail below. Please ask any questions to our trained technicians before signing the Repair Invoice.

Fonehub Repair Terms & Conditions

  1. This Quote is only an estimate of the repair cost on initial inspection. Units damaged by liquid ingress or physical damage cannot be covered by this quote. Should additional work be required , you will be notified immediately for authorisation to proceed.
  2. Repairs are covered by a 30 day warranty, not included any liquid damage phones. If the Fonehub label removed or damaged Fonehub Warranty no longer exists. This applies to the work we perform and NOT to any other related faults. LCD Replaced warranty covered only if white screen or contrast not clear. Broken LCD not covers by Fonehub.
  3. Any quoted jobs or completed repair not collected in 30 days of notification will be archived or disposed of.
  4. The uncollected goods act 1995 gives us the right to sell uncollected goods 30 days from notification to proceed.
  5. Memory, Names and Numbers, Data Settings, ring tones and screensavers may be lost due to software upgrade.
  6. You must backup your data.
  7. We accept no responsibility for any loss of data or any claims for damages resulting from loss of data.
  8. Please bring this form when you receiving the phone from us.
  9. Unlocked phone work with Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, 3 networks not warranty.
  10. Any error occurs by sim card not our responsibility.

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